About Us


To educate student’s in the art of drumming by providing high quality drum tuition, not limited by genre or musical style.


AJW Drum Academy was founded by Andrew Warren with a passion to share his love for drumming and music.

The vision behind AJW Drum Academy was to set up a studio that gave Andrew the option to employ current and previous students of age who had the passion and drive to follow in his footsteps.  Andrew personally mentors, oversees all tutors and has them implement his proven and successful syllabus.

At AJW Drum Academy we recognise that no student is the same and with this in mind we ensure each student is taught the syllabus at a rate suitable to them.

The syllabus at AJW Drum Academy has been developed and implemented over the past 12 years.  Each year Andrew reviews the syllabus, shaping and refining the model to ensure the lessons are providing cutting edge material.


Andrew Warren is AJW Drum Academy’s Founder, Director and Principal Tutor.  With over 22 years of playing and 12 years of teaching experience, Andrew has the vision to grow the Northern Beaches based Academy to new levels.

With the motivation, passion and drive to succeed, Andrew still personally teaches over 60 students each week whilst continuing to build the Academy for more tutors to come on board and work under his syllabus.



Aged 13 | Taught by Andrew for the past 7 years

Thank you so much for teaching and encouraging me and I love every lesson.

Mum to Kirra

Aged 7 | Taught by Andrew for the past term

Thank you for a great 1st term of drumming! The joy Kirra has when playing the drums is such a pleasure to see! Thank you for your exceptional guidance and encouragement.


Aged 13 | Taught by Andrew for the past 5 years

Thank you for being the best drum teacher ever and being so helpful every lesson.